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Research and Development
South Africa Agricultural Economic Fact Sheet
South AfricaDirk Esterhuizen

The South African Agricultural Fact Sheet has been updated to include calendar year 2019. Bilateral agricultural trade between the United States and South Africa is expected to reach record levels of more than US$750 million in 2019. Major agricult...

Research and Development
Moving Towards Self-sufficiency in Oil seed Value chains
South AfricaDirk Esterhuizen

South Africa produced a historical-high summer oilseed crop of 2.5 million tons in the 2017/18 MY with a further increase in oilseed production projected for the 2018/19 MY to 2.6 million tons. South Africa demonstrated a positive trend in oilseed...

Research and Development
The Declining Trend of Sorghum Production in South Africa
South AfricaDirk Esterhuizen

Post estimates that the decreasing trend in sorghum production in South Africa will continue in the 2018/19 MY. South Africa moved from being a net exporter of sorghum to a net importer of sorghum in the past 10 years as producers preferred to pla...

Research and Development
Angola: FAIRS Country Report
AngolaGlobal Agriculture Information Network (GAIN)

This report documents Angola’s technical policies, practices, and import requirements for food and agricultural products. In the absence of a food safety law, Angola follows international Codex Alimentarius standards. This country report is designe...

Research and Development
Angola Poultry
AngolaUnited States Department of Agriculture Foreign Ag...

Poultry production in Angola is estimated at 27.192 MT in 2018, which mainly consists of backyard chickens and a few commercial farms. In 2018, Angola was the fifth largest import of U.S. poultry, valued at $183 million. However, due to limited acc...

Climate Change
Impact of Extreme Climate Events on Water Resources and Agriculture and Biodiversity in Morocco
MoroccoMohamed Aoubouazza, Rachid Rajel, Essafi Rachid

This work is devoted to examining trends and extreme climate variability observed over the past five decades in Morocco, and future projections of these trends for the coming five decades. It also aims to assess the potential impact of these trend...

Research and Development
The Politics of Food in Modern Morocco (Review)
MoroccoMoshe Gershovich

Since adequate nourishment is a prerequisite for human existence and social tranquility, control over the process by which food is produced, distributed, and consumed is both required of any responsible authority and a source of power in its hands...

On-Farm Production (crops, livestock)
Goat Farming in the Arganeraie of Agadir in Morocco: Livestock System and Production Parameters
MoroccoKheyyat El, Saïd EL Madidi

In order to characterize goat farming of the arganeraie in the province of Agadir in Morocco. A structured questionnaire survey and individual monitoring of farm animals were conducted in 35 randomly selected goat farmers in 9 villages of Amskroud co...

Research and Development
The Evaluation of the Consumption of Additives and their relationship to the Food Products in Morocco
MoroccoN. Rhaiem, H. Sedki, M. Youss, Nassima Chahboun, M...

The mode of food products that is consumed in Kenitra has changed in the last decade due to the food products that are full of additives. These food products have become the dominant in supermarkets, and more consumed among students at schools. The r...

Research and Development
Contested Knowledge: Changing Practices in Origin-food Communities
MoroccoMariagiulia Mariani, Claire Cerdan, Iuri Peri

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to investigate how communities engaged in the valorisation of origin food through Geographical Indications (GIs) and Slow Food Presidia can be resilient to changing conditions and able to innovate their practic...

Research and Development
Political Economy of the Wheat Sector in Morocco: Seed Systems, Varietal Adoption, and Impacts
MoroccoZewdie Bishaw, Yigezu A. YIGEZU Yigezu, abdulaziz...

In Morocco, wheat is an important cereal crop that significantly contributes to the livelihoods of farming communities and the national economy. On average for the period 2010–2016, the country produced 5.7 million tonnes of wheat grain on about 3.2...

2019 – The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World (SOFI): Safeguarding against economic slowdowns and downturns
All CountriesFAO

SOFI 2019 confirms a rise in world hunger for a third year in a row. There were 821 million chronically undernourished people in the world last year, up from 811 the previous year. One in nine people in the world now faces hunger. Africa is the regio...

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