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Research and Development
Becon 4 Africa: An overview of the Literature on the Economic Assessment of GE Crops in the Continent, 1996-2016
Patricia Zambrano, Namita Paul, Judith Chambers, J...

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) published the first method-focused assessment of the applied economic literature about the ex ante and ex post impacts of genetically engineered crops in developing countries in 2009. The overa...

Research and Development
Humanitarian Assistance and Resilience-Building: Impact of Fadama III-AF II on Food Security and Livelihood Restoration in Northeastern Nigeria
NigeriaEphraim Nkonya, Dauda Bawa, Edward Kato, David Mau...

The ongoing insurgency in northeastern Nigeria has led to the loss of over 20,000 lives and about 4,500 abductions since 2002 and, in 2015 alone, caused an economic loss of about US$450 million, equivalent to 5.7 percent of northeastern Nigeria’s gro...

Research and Development
Mother’s Nutrition-Related Knowledge and Child Nutrition Outcomes: Empirical Evidence from Nigeria
NigeriaOlusegun Fadare, Mulubrhan Amare, George Mavrotas,...

Nutrition outcomes among young children in Nigeria are among the worse globally. Mother’s limited knowledge about food choices, feeding, and health care seeking practices contributes significantly to negative nutrition outcomes for children in most d...

Research and Development
Income Variability, Evolving Diets, and Demand for Processed Foods in Nigeria
NigeriaAlan de Brauw and Sylvan Herskowitz

We present evidence on evolving dietary patterns in Nigeria using three waves and six total rounds of household consumption data from the Nigerian Living Standards and Measurement Surveys between the years of 2011 and 2016. First, following conventio...

On-Farm Production (crops, livestock)
The Nigerian Dairy Sector

This newsletter analyses the opportunities and challenges in the dairy sector

Research and Development
Climate Change and Agriculture in Africa

This newsletter provides insights into food and conflict confronting the continent as a result of climate change. Also, various innovations and initiatives being implemented across the world to curb climate change are profiled in this edition.

Nigeria's Mechanization Landscape

This newsletter documents key mechanization-led productivity and efficiency gains and potential scaling for agricultural transformation in Nigeria.

Research and Development
Driving Innovations in Smallholder Engagement
I. Van Der Velden

This report presents findings and best practices from idh’s innovating partners with regards to empowering farmers through service delivery, while generating sustainable returns to their businesses. Learn more about their models’ drivers of farmer re...

Agri-Tech and Digital Services
2017–2018 YOUTH THINK TANK REPORT: Building Inclusive Agricultural Technologies for Young People
Youth Think Tank in Africa

Policymakers and development practitioners have become increasingly enthusiastic about the ability of emerging technologies to unlock the potential for agriculture in Africa. While these technologies are both creative and compelling, few sector exper...

Research and Development
Structure, Conduct and Performance of Maize Markets in Malawi: Synopsis
MalawiInternational Food Policy Research Institute

This policy note summarizes Working Paper 29 (Ochieng et al., 2019), which investigates the SCP of Malawi’s maize market during the 2018/19 main marketing and lean seasons and provides policy suggestions on how to improve Malawi’s maize marketing sys...

Research and Development
Effect of Changes in Population Density and Crop Productivity on Farm Households in Malawi
MalawiAdam M. Komarek and Siwa Msangi

This study examines the ex‐ante farm‐household effects of changes in family size, yield potential, and yield gaps using a farm‐household simulation model that reflects the economic and biophysical conditions of central Malawi. Disparities between gro...

Research and Development
Stories of Change: Rwanda: Understanding the Drivers of Stunting Reduction Among Rwandan children from 2005 to 2015
RwandaGayathri V. Ramani, Jessica M. Heckert, Ara Go, El...

Despite significant progress, childhood stunting is still a serious public health concern in Rwanda. To make further progress in reducing child stunting it is essential to understand the context-specific drivers of stunting to devise strategies to ad...

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